Off Road Rage Adventure Racing

Off Road Rage Adventure Race

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You asked for it, we delivered!!! The Dusk til Dawn Adventure Race will be held at Perry Lake, KS on July 29th, 2017! Bring your headlamps, this race will start at 8 PM and Finish at 8 AM! There will be hiking, biking, canoeing, navigation (compass and PLOTTED topographic map), and surprise challenges! 

Obviously, mileage is approximate as you make your one course, but here are some estimates: 8-10 on foot, 35 on bike, 4 on canoe. Racers will determine how long you want to race, as there are NO mandatory checkpoints, BUT the more checkpoints you get, the better chance you have at some awesome prizes. 

Race registration includes: AMAZING t-shirt, maps, event insurance, canoe rental, pfd, paddle, post race meal, and ADVENTURE!

This race is being held the same day as the Sunflower State Games, race the Games in the morning, take a siesta, and join us again that night for a whole weekend of AWESOMENESS!!!