Off Road Rage Adventure Racing

Off Road Rage Adventure Race

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2018 is going to be a great year for Adventure Racing in KS! 

MARCH 10th, Sedgwick County Park
Wichita, KS
A FUN scavenger hunt for all ages! 

After a long winter of cabin fever, we're going to give you an awesome chance to play in the woods at Milford Lake, KS on March 24th, 2018. The Flint Hills will offer some awesome terrain, but don't be scared! This race will have 6, 12 hour courses that are suitable for ALL RACERS! 

After you get warmed up from the Break Up, come test your skills at the Off Road Rage Adventure Race, on April 21st, 2018. We will be offering a 6 hour well as (by POPULAR DEMAND)....a 24 HOUR COURSE!  The location is still TBD, BUT we are looking closely at Kanopolis lake/Salina area as a "do-over" for our 2015 race in that area that was sabotaged by terrential rain and freezing temps! 

And since you haven't had enough Adventure....we'll throw in the Sunflower state games on July 29th 
 for good measure. A 6 hour race FOR EVERYONE! Location TBD. 

Other races may be added. Maybe the Dusk til Dawn will make another appearance...maybe some O courses??!!


    There will be navigation, trekking (running or hiking), mountain biking. The EXTREME and SHORT Courses
     will require paddling.  There may also be surprise challenges for ALL courses.  The 
    team that completes all the checkpoints (or more than other teams) with the fastest time will win 
    the race. There will be several checkpoints that are mandatory (transition areas), but most are not. 
    A team could choose to skip checkpoints and shorten the course and still have an official finish, 
    though probably not place in the top 10.  

    Both SHORT courses and the Break up (12 Hour) you will have access ONLY to the gear, food and drink that you have 
    on your bike or in your pack.  Plan accordingly. 24 hour races will have ONE refill station (with your team food/water) staged about halfway through the race.

    Checkpoints for the Break UP (12 hour) and Off Road Rage (24 hour) EXTREME Course will be on Topographic maps.  You will need a 1:24000 AND 1:50000 scale UTM plotting tool.  The Short course maps are pre-plotted topographic maps from Your team will need a basic understanding of terrain features and distance measure.  There will be very few rules of travel, teams will choose their own route/strategy (with mode of travel specified for checkpoints).  

The sport of Adventure Racing is sweeping the nation at a phenomenal rate. The new challenges presented to adventure racers have caused the sport to grow by leaps and bounds daily in popularity. Adventure Racing is one of the few sports where just completing a race is often considered a victory. Another driving factor in Adventure racing is the emphasis that is placed on teamwork, rather than individual achievement.

Adventure Racing offers an easy crossover for cyclist, runners and water sport enthusiasts just to mention a few. Adventure races can vary anywhere from 2-5 person teams, with some events now offering solo categories. The disciplines can also vary from race to race. Adventure racing can include shredding through tight single track on a mountain bike or orienteering and hiking through a dense forest. Adventure racers may find themselves ripping down rapids in a canoe and then rappelling off a 100 foot rock face. The races can last a few hours or several days and can cover 10 - 100 miles or more!

Are you ready for a NEW CHALLENGE????