Off Road Rage Adventure Racing

Off Road Rage Adventure Race

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Results 2022:

RACE DATE: JULY 16th, Clinton Lake, KS. Bloomington West Group Campground

RACE CHECK IN: 730 PM (maps are pre-plotted)  Clinton Lake, Bloomington West Campground Shelter

Racers will need to pay $8/pp for the USARA daily membership fee. This is for insurance and ranking. 

This race is a long standing favorite amongst Adventure Racers. It's the perfect opportunity to practice that Night Navigation without having to race for 24 hours. And, it's July....who wants to race under the sun, when you can race under the STARS! 

This race is a USARA sanctioned race! Come collect those points!

Starts at 8 PM ends at 8 AM. It will be about 45 miles biking, 10 on foot, 5-7 canoe (kayak for solos). Your registration includes: insurance, maps, boats, paddling equipment, t-shirt or possibly something equally as cool, post race meal, and all the adventure you can handle for 12 HOURS! Check our required gear (top tab) to make sure you will be ready to play in the woods at NIGHT! 

The photo below is from the last Dusk til Dawn in 2017, this was the parking lot at the boat launch. It was nothing short of the most incredible night I have ever experienced. Absolutely stunning!