Off Road Rage Adventure Racing

Off Road Rage Adventure Race

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Off Road Rage Adventure Race
April 21st, 2018
Salina, KS
Lakewood Middle School

Come join us for the 5TH ANNUAL Off Road Rage Adventure Race. This race is near and dear to our hearts (it is our namesake!) What makes it so special??? We are able to donate a portion of the proceeds to Camp Quality of Kansas! A special camp for kids BEATING cancer! There is really NOT a better reason to do an Adventure Race! 

There will be 2 courses to CHALLENGE ALL RACERS!

The 6 hour course will be approx 20 miles biking, 5 trekking/running, 2 paddling, and surprise challenges! Maps will be PRE-plotted topographic maps, basic navigation skills are a MUST!

The 24 hour course is ALL of the ABOVE...but, quadruple the FUN! 


Race update #1:

6 Hour course: April 21st, Lakewood Middle school, check-in 6-730 AM.

Race start: 8 AM!!!

Approx mileage: 4-6 trekking, 15-20 bike (asphalt, gravel, singletrack), 2 canoe. Pre-plotted topo maps!

24 Hour course: Check in April 20th, from 6-7 PM. Lakewood Middle School.

Mandatory meeting 7 PM.

Race start: 7:30 AM

Approx mileage: 12-15 Trekking, 80 bike (gravel, asphalt, single track), 6 canoe. Plotted topo maps.


Lakewood middle school is available for INDOOR accommodations on Friday night (in the form of a gym floor) If you are staying the night, ALL gear must be out of the gym before race start. NO OUTDOOR CAMPING WILL BE PERMITTED.

24 HOUR RACERS: This race is UNSUPPORTED. Yes, we will have water at TA's and a gear drop (halfway for the 24 hour course). BUT, everything else is on you! If you decide to discontinue the race, we will deliver you back to the race start....when WE ARE ABLE. We will not be running a shuttle service throughout the night. The areas you will be in are VERY remote. You need to pay special attention to the weather and have gear for all environments. I will say that over 50% of our racers in 2015 did NOT finish this course due to hypothermia....IN APRIL...due to severe weather for hours and low temps. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BE PREPARED.

I'm working on rosters right now, we have SO MANY AWESOME teams signed up! We are so very thankful to have all of you racing! See you soon!!