Off Road Rage Adventure Racing

Off Road Rage Adventure Race

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RESULTS 2021!!

LOCATION: Perry State Park, KS (Lakeview Shelter)
JULY 17th, 2021

The Sunflower State Games is a 6 hour course, designed to challenge newbies and veterans! Mileage breakdown is about 5 on foot (running/hiking/walking), 15 on bike (trails/asphalt), and 2-3 canoe (kayak for solos!). We provide all boats, pfds, paddles. You will need to bring a mountain bike, helmet, hydration pack (or backpack with water), enough snacks for 6 hours, a compass is helpful, so are some bandaids. We recommend tall socks or pants for ticks/thorns. This is a great first race for anyone wanting to get into the sport! See you in JULY!